We are back with our creative segment #GravePlots! Where we make up a movie on the spot. This week we pulled “Ouija Cop” which was a listeners submission by Blues! Thanks for sending in your fake movie title! So what is Ouija Cop? He's a cop that communes with the dead to solve crime. The ghosts can inhabit and control his body at random and he becomes a bystander while the ghosts do odd things. Will he, his new partner and the ghosts help stop the evil drug lord Rocco? Find out in this weeks “OUIJA COP”! Don't forget to watch the Trailer for the movie we made up!

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So grab your board, grab your rookie partner and be sure to grab a kleenex as we travel down to hell and Beyond The Void!


CHECK OUT the faux trailer for “OUIJA COP”


Parker is not your regular cop. He likes cigarettes, drinking beer and .. oh yeah.. he communes with the dead. Yeah.. and he doesn't like it. After the loss of his recent partner because of a ghost Parker is not too thrilled about a new partner. Rookie cop Rios is his new partner and she is a by the book cop that might just prove Parker wrong. They and the ghosts team up to stop the Heroin drug ring through the help of many ghosts that randomly jump into Parkers body. Will they stop the drug ring or will his new partner pay the ultimate price? Ouija Cop is summoning up justice one ghost at a time..



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None this week! We made our own this week!