We return with a brand new movie that we made up for #Graveplots!! That's right. We Sat down and potentially came up with a sequel to the Demons franchise. Hell is unleashed on earth and set loose on the population of a prison. When people start to get infected with a demon plague sweeping the facility. Things go from bad to demonic. It's gory and a lot of fun. See what you think of the movie we made up on the spot. We hope you enjoy!

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So grab your beer, hang on to your arms and be sure to kiss your sweet bottom goodbye as we travel down to hell and Beyond The Void!


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Manipulated by Alex King

Manipulated by Alex King

Some say that life in prison is hell on earth. Now.. Hell has returned and so has the nightmare for correctional officer Joel. A cult leader Charlie Zander is caught & imprisoned before killing his 7th victim in a blood ritual. When Charlie finds his final virgin in prison all hell breaks loose. A plague sweeps the facility infecting the entire prison with demons who bleed acid blood . Now it's up to Joel and a toothless criminal meth-head to break out of prison and stop the demonic force in this "Demons" franchise sequel where the nightmare gets imprisoned.



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