It's time for another movie making #Graveplots episode complete with GORE drenched sound fx! This week we got ancient on you! A Goddess who was banished by the many other Gods was banished to the sea when she is reawakened by a group of college students she exacts her ancient revent on them. This is not for the faint of heart. So listener discretion is advised. Listen as we have Mordriana hunt each of these kids down in some of the most gore filled and creative ways possible. Alex got extra creative on the sound fx too. We had a blast coming up with this story. Brace yourselves for the end of this episode. We broke into tears of laughter coming up with the tag line. Plus we do the news this past week.

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So grab your ancient necklace , don't forget your swim trunks and be sure to bring your shotgun as we travel Beyond The Void!




“Blackwater Cove”

When a group of unsupecting college kids accidentally release a death goddess banished to the sea for thousands of years & hellbent on revenge for the Gods killing her husband. She curses, stalks and kills anyone who came into contact with her mystical necklace. Killing them and everyone around in some of the most gruesome bloody ways. Part Supernatural Slasher and all creepy ancient death God on the loose. Will they stop her? Or will this semester be their last...?




No HorrorShots this week!



1. American Psycho 4k Blu Ray September

Evil Dead 2 4k Oct 29th from Zavvi Exclusive Steelbook

The Critters Collection Scream Factory below Nov 27th

2. Godzillas King of the Monsters is coming!!! HOLY CRAP!!. May 31, 2019

3. Pre production is happening for 6 alien universe short films. yes. tha'ts right.


4. Andrew Lincoln better know as Rick Grimes is leaving for season 9. Which Norman Reedus made a pact with him that they would leave together.


5. Jared Leto Playing Morbius




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