Join Alex & Patrick. One musician & one horror buddy. They love to drink and joke their way through their episodes.  This sure isn't your daddy's podcast.. so you might want to get your earmuffs out cupcake.

The cast includes a weekly horror themed  alcohol shots for their #horrorshot segment. They also do a fun new creative exercise segment called #GravePlots where they make up movies on the spot and make up some pretty cool faux vhs covers for them too. They cover current horror news, upcoming/new releases, contests and a lot more.  They even do interviews with Directors, writers and programmers for games.  Typically those are pretty in depth interviews.

If you like approachable horror addicts that you could call a friend with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass through laughter town Beyond The Void Horror Podcast.